2003 Miler at Desolation Wilderness

Pack Inspection

Before Leaving

Waiting For Boat

Boat From Echo

Girls Lead The Hiking

Snow Near Lake Aloha

Still Life at Aloha

Out Of Lake Aloha

Glacier Poop at Clyde Lake

Stream Crossing

A Look at a Shelter

View of Lake Schmidel from the Kitchen

Out of Schmidel

Close Quarters at 4Q Lakes

Bear Bagging at 4Q

Leaving 4Q by way of a Lake Crossing

Lake Velma Hair Washing

Hair Washing Now It's My Turn

Clothes Washing

Clothes Drying

Oops! Lake Front Property

My Gift to You at Dicks Pass

Lunch at Dicks Pass

Snowball Girl Scouts

Group Shot At Dicks Pass

Gilmour Fine Dining

Gilmour Shelters

Log Crossing

Lakeof the Woods Morning

Lake of the Woods View

Miler 2003 Patch